This is a collection of talks and presentation I did throughout the years.

Date Event Slides Code Video
2020-03-26 Meetup: Azure DevOps Series Session #1 - develop infrastrucutre as code using a component factory Slides Code Video
2019-06-07 PowerShell Conference EU: Lessons learned: How to start a large scale infrastructure as code project Slides Code
2020-06-05 PowerShell Conference EU: Test infrastructure as code? Slides Code Video
2019-05-20 Meetup: PowerShell Blueprint for extensible PowerShell modules Code
2019-05-20 Meetup: Framework for Azure Resource Manager Deployments based on ARM-Templates Infrastructure as code Code
2019 Meetup: DevOps from the Phoneix Project Slides
2019 Meetup: DevOps methodologies Slides
2018 Hackathon: Power of PowerShell w/ Amazing Azure Slides
2018 Meetup: Cloud Automation 101 Code
2018 Meetup: Git Basics Slides
2017 Meetup: PowerShell Continuos Delivery Slides Code
2017 Meetup: PowerShell Advanced Functions Slides Code