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Test Infrastructure as Code

This code repositories contains an azuredeploy.json and different scripts to create, run and tests a deployment.

Getting Started

Get the Code. Run:

# azuredeploy.ps1
$Name = "MyResourceGroup"
$Location = "WestEurope"

$TemplateFile = "$PSScriptRoot\azuredeploy.json"
$TemplateParameterFile = "$PSScriptRoot\azuredeploy.parameters.json"

New-ParameterFile | Out-File $TemplateParameterFile

# Change Parameter File Properties

New-AzResourceGroup -Name $Name -Location $Location -Confirm
New-AzResourceGroupDeployment -TemplateFile $TemplateFile -TemplateParameterFile $TemplateParameterFile -Verbose


Code of Conduct

This is a personal repository by markwarneke. Microsoft is NOT maintaining this repository. The project sticks to the code of conduct


Generate File Inventory

Get-ChildItem -Recurse | % { Write-Host ("- [{0}](./{0})" -f $_.Name)  }