Cloud Automation 101 - Introduction to Cloud Automation, Azure DevOps, Infrastructure As Code (IaC), PowerShell, Azure Resource Manager (ARM), Unit-Testing with Pester, CI/CD Pipeline with Azure DevOps and more!

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Error Handling

The deployment log of an ARM template deployment can be access by the Get-AzureRMLog function.

$ResourceGroupName = 'deploymentGroupName'
$correlationId = ((Get-AzureRMLog -x $ResourceGroupName)[0]).CorrelationId
$logentry = (Get-AzureRMLog -CorrelationId $correlationId -DetailedOutput)

$rawStatusMessage = $logentry.Properties
$status = $rawStatusMessage.Content.statusMessage | ConvertFrom-Json

Azure Log Analytics Integration

Logs into Operations Management Suite (OMS) Log Analytics TODO: Add setup and further description

Chat Ops

See Runbook gallery Slack Webhook

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