Cloud Automation 101 - Introduction to Cloud Automation, Azure DevOps, Infrastructure As Code (IaC), PowerShell, Azure Resource Manager (ARM), Unit-Testing with Pester, CI/CD Pipeline with Azure DevOps and more!

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Table of content

Azure Automation Account

TODO: Include Automation Account details

Azure Automation Account Assets

  • Schedules Get-AzureRmAutomationSchedule
  • Modules Get-AzureRmAutomationModule
  • Certificates Get-AutomationCertificate
  • Connections Get-AutomationConnection
  • Variabels Get-AzureAutomationVariable
  • Credentials Get-AzureAutomationCredential

Azure Runbook

See Runbook

Starting A Runbook

Start-AzureRmAutomationRunbook -AutomationAccountName "MyAutomationAccount" -Name "Test-Runbook" -ResourceGroupName "ResourceGroup01"

Importing A Runbook

$Input = @{
    AutomationAccountName =  "AutomationAccount"
    Name = "Sample_TestRunbook"
    Path = "C:\Runbooks\Sample_TestRunbook.ps1"
    ResourceGroupName = "ResourceGroup"

Import-AzureRMAutomationRunbook @Input -Type PowerShellWorkflow # Splatting Input Parameter see Link

See About Splatting (about_splatting)

Graphical Runbook

Azure Workflows

By design, workflows can be long-running, repeatable, frequent, parallelizable, interruptible, stoppable, and restartable. They can be suspended and resumed; they can also continue after an unexpected interruption, such as a network outage or computer restart. Follwoing are some of the many benefits of using workflows:

Azure Resource Manager Template

    "$schema": "",

    "contentVersion": "",

    "parameters": { },

    "variables": { },

    "resources": [ ],

    "outputs": { }
  • $Schema: Location of the JSON schema file that describes the version of the template language.
  • contentVersion: Version of the template (such as
  • parameters: Optional values that are provided when deployment is executed to customize resource deployment.
  • resources: A manageable item that is available through Azure. Some common resources are a virtual machine, storage account, web app, database, and virtual network, but there are many more.
  • outputs: Values that are returned after deployment

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